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Interesting Angle (Angler) -- College Searches

Took a tour of colleges down South. Started in Tennessee and worked our way back to New York. At each school, other than in Nashville, I had a chance to drop a line in a local body of water. Not saying fishing results helped me narrow down my college list, but I would simply note that fishing was noticeably better near certain schools. Hey, I don't make the criteria, I just log the data.

Found a small, interesting place along the Colonial Highway where George Custer had a victory against a small portion of the Confederate Army. The water was pristine and I found a small runoff area. It seemed like the trip back in time for which the area is known extended to the fish themselves -- they reacted as if they had never seen a lure. Fish after fish took the lure and numerous fish were pulled in -- and all gently returned to fight another day.