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Returning the Favor

So many adults took the time when I was a kid to show me the ropes -- in school, sports and with rod and reel. When I was really young and it came to fishing, the adults upstate learned to avoid making eye contact with me when they saw me roaming the property, rod and reel in hand, looking for someone to take me to the lake. They were all too kind-hearted to resist, too loving to tell me it was a poor time to go fishing, regardless of the midday heat. My Polish grandfather was easy prey, but he developed a system to let me have the fishing without too much burden on his part...

I love returning the favor to the younger kids in our extended family; I'm going fishing anyway. It's great to have the company and to see my young cousins getting excited by one of my favorite things. We spend quality time with one another - prime summer hours. It's interesting trying to be a good teacher on a subject. It's not always easy to teach someone, even in a subject you know well or a skill at which you are good. As my parents have told me, just because you might be Beethoven, doesn't mean you can teach someone how to play the piano. Teaching is its own skill set. Like fishing, something to work at and get better.