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The Joy of Pre-Season Cliches

When you are born a Mets, Knicks and Jets fan you learn to take your joy in bite-size portions. You learn to find a sliver of gold in a river of mud. Your eyes strain to see a wisp of sunlight breaking through the clouds.

While fans of many teams have the regular season and something rumored among Mets, Knicks and Jets fans to be called the "post-season," many fans in New York principally have the off-season and the pre-season. This is the time when we have as much hope as anybody and anything is wonderfully possible for our teams.

We love to read mock drafts about the players we may draft -- the newest gods of hope. We read articles about free agency and bite on every rumor of a talented player that is said to be coming to our team. Our blood gets moving when we hear of existing players working to be better next season -- "X has double rededicated himself in the off season." "Y has gained 20 pounds -- and it's all muscle." "Z has figured out what was wrong watching video of last season and has fixed his [swing][shot][stance][approach]."

And then the season is upon us...