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A Pleasant Hour or Two Back in Time

I love 50s and early 60s music. Usually, it's pretty simple, straightforward and, to me, it just sounds genuine. Sam Cooke, Buddy Holly, Ray Charles, Del Shannon, The Coasters. We have an old 50s jukebox (Seeburg) in our basement and I love to put it on when hanging out with friends. The vinyl 45 drops into place, the tubes glow and music plays just as it did back in the soda shops and candy stores in the 50s.

The 50s came and went long before I was born. I am a 21st century kid. Sometimes I do like to imagine being alive during the 50s. I know its human nature to romanticize earlier times. I know all time periods had and have their problems. But I do envision a time of no cell phones, sit down dinners with family, and the thrill of hearing rock and roll as it was being born.

Once in a while, when getting together with my aunt, uncle and cousins, we go to Queens and visit a place called Eddie's Sweet Shop. It has a soda fountain and spinning chairs from the 50s, and old wooden booths from that time bearing carved initials and proclamations of love. It's a nice time, spending an hour or two with family, sitting down, eating some lunch or ice cream as old music plays.