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When you need used vinyl records and new fishing tackle, and you need it in one store -- look no fur

I often visit Greenpoint Brooklyn. It's where the Polish side of my family first lived after coming to the United States in the 60s and 70s.

Today, Greenpoint is a very trendy place. Lots of hip bars and restaurants. Cool performance spaces and music clubs. The real estate is expensive. Hard to fathom that my grandfather (dziadek) came to live there with 50 bucks in his pocket and managed to plant his American roots there.

There is a big bakery right there on Norman Avenue. My aunt started it years ago. I come in from Long Island to help out -- peeling apples, putting together bread and cake boxes. I see some cousins there and make a few bucks. It's also a good place to bum an early ride from some family member (any family member) to upstate Ellenville. There the extended family has some cottages around a nice fishing lake.

Recently, I took a walk in the area around the bakery. As I walked, I was listening to the Beatles' Rubber Soul album on my headphones. My parents turned me on to the Beatles (like most kids, I bet). My exposure came through the actual Beatles LPs that my dad plays on his turntable and tube stereo equipment. He loves vinyl.

I made my way over the Manhattan Avenue, and could not believe what I found. A combination fishing tackle and used vinyl store -- Dream Fishing Tackle. Now, here was a place any fishing-loving son and vinyl-loving dad could agree upon.

Yup, finally, fishing gear and vinyl records all in one place

I went inside. The stores is great. It had a lot of hard to find fishing tackle and lures from Europe. It also had dollar records and more collectible/more expensive vinyl. The stores owners were incredibly nice and very knowledgeable. I spent more than an hour there, and only spent five bucks. The owners were more than happy to let me hang around and browse.

So, if you are in Brooklyn and need a very playable copy of Sam Cooke's Greatest Hits, or you need a decent spinner, jig or spoon for some freshwater action, head over to Dream Fishing Tackle.